5-point analysis test for your newly found business idea

Here’s my first post after my new beginning. So soon huh? Yes. Now I’m pretty serious with this beginning.


Straight to the point:

Thought of a nice idea which you want to start with as your business?

Here’s an easy 5-point pre-start analysis to tell you if you really should start it. OR NOT.

1.Why are you making this project – Analyse for whom, and why you making this product ?

2.What is the problem that you’re solving? There’s no problem you’re solving? (If you wanted to do a business with the idea, Shut down now) – See if there is atleast some problem around you/people that it is solving

3.Is there anything else existing that solves this problem? – Similar idea already present? Competence?

4.If no, Good. If yes, why my product again? what the f*ck am offering (10x) better that the existing product isn’t? WHY ME and WHY MY PRODUCT and not the other product that’s existing since years?

5.Read them all again, you get the answer.


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