A new beginning…

A new beginning

It’s been years me doodling around with various technologies, trying them once, if I like I use it for a while, else it doesn’t appear from the next day. It’s the same concept everywhere with everyone, and so it is with me, nothing new. I’ve even created few blogs before, tried blogger, tumblr, typepad, etc, but could never return to it again after a start-ful of enthusiasm. I always had a nice idea or a nice thought to share, get a good purpose and created a blog for it, but after a few days forgot both of them, the purpose, as well as the blog.

Well, after so many years of experience of life, and finishing with my graduation now, I finally thought to really start blogging. Why wordpress? As I said I’ve tried many blogs, and I find wordpress better than other as far as blogging is concerned.

So what I’ll be posting about here? Well, as I’m very interested about technology, so it would be in here. Also being an aspiring entrepreneur, I’ll be posting about entrepreneurship, startup advice (though I’m new, I’ll post every interesting experience I’ll face), and a few more topics.

I’ll stop here for the first post and will start posting my thoughts with the next posts. And I feel now, it’s really like a new beginning.

You can suggest me more(in the comments section) about topics to discuss here, I’ll be glad to share with you.


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