What language should a computer speak?

I just read a conversation between a banglore (india) school guy and Mr. Bill Gates (Microsoft) here http://www.thegatesnotes.com/Curious-Classroom/A-Class-in-Bangalore.
The question the guy (Nikhil) asked was
“Computers accept data in the form of ones and zeroes. Why can’t they understand normal language?”

So what do you think that computers understand only binary (0 & 1) and why not a human language?
Well, do you know how many human languages are there today on this planet? Any idea? Well so do not I’ve, but some people say there are 4009 languages around the world, some say there are 6912 languages. Well, they just say it. In India itself there seems to be more than 1618 languages spoken so nothing’s so sure.

So, you get to know of total human languages. Now do you think all the humans speak the same language the same way?  People living in the same country, the same state, the same city, or even the same neighbourhood have different accents to speak, read, and write.  If a person from on location goes to another location having a different local language finds it so difficult to communicate,  so just think how complex would it be for a computer to understand so many languages with so many accents? Even google’s translate doesn’t doesn’t translate you with so perfection.

Moreover, don’t you know that a word or a sentence always means the same spoken anytime with any phrase? Nah! Never. A simple english (or any language) word has a different meaning according to the sentence it is attached to, and a sentence too never has the same meaning always.

Yes, thought it is too complex, we humans are still working hard to achieve this. The new web standards HTML5, Google, and Microsoft are working hard on that. Until then, you think what you think about what should a computer really speak.


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