What I think, what I feel… is what I write

Be good to the goods and good to the bads
Whenever life gives you a chance to show or say bad, just say once to yourself – I’m a good man
You’ll turn doing something good.

Thoughts…come and go. You think of something and forget it the next moment, or atleast some or other time unless you write it down somewhere. Be it some nice idea to do something, be it your views against or with something, or it could be just a nice poem that you think has a beautiful meaning, you always want to share it with someone, your friends or family or others. And so is the case with me. I have thought of incredible thoughts, mostly when in leisure (and mostly while am showering…lol…but true). I always think of sharing it with someone, but the moment I enter out of my bathroom, I remember nothing. And this is the reason I’ve created this seperate category of ‘My thoughts’ where I can write my thoughts which will be preserved forever (until wordpress exists). And so I say, this is my new beginning.

This is my new e-home, this is the place now where I’m so free to express my views, my thoughts, without the fear of any fear, no one to stop me thinking or sharing my thoughts.  Because I know I will keep thinking, and so will I keep posting.

Live and Let Live 


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