Don’t wait to be a millionaire to help someone

In this video, Mark Bezos shares his first experience fighting a fire as the Assistant Captain of a volunteer firefighter company in New York City. During his first excursion as a volunteer firefighter, Mark made it to the scene of the fire & found the Fire Department’s Captain on Duty shortly after one of his fellow volunteer firefighters.

After finding the captain so he could get his assignment, he overheard the Captain give the other volunteer firefighter his assignment…

Mark’s fellow volunteer firefighter was asked to go inside the burning house to save the homeowner’s dog.
At the time, Mark felt that his assignment of running past the fire to find a pair of shoes for the homeowner paled in comparison to saving the homeowner’s dog.

A few weeks later the firefighters received a letter from the homeowner thanking them for their courageous efforts. Mark was pleasantly surprised to see that the homeowner noted that ‘someone had even gotten her a pair of shoes.’

What I love about this video is how it teaches us to be a hero all the time, instead of waiting on major opportunities to become a big hero…

How has Mark’s story inspired you to become a hero? Share your answer in the comments section below!


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