Mind of an Entrepreneur

The mind of an entrepreneur

Many a times when someone asks me, or myself think about what I want to become or go for in life, I used to say I want to manage things. Manage business, team, and more. I wanted to go into management, because I knew how to solve problems, get solutions, getting things done in a simpler way.
But when I look today and think what I have to become? I say, an entrepreneur. But what exactly is an entrepreneur? Is it the same as management? managing a business or something? Well not exactly. The main skills of an entrepreneur is creativity. Innovation. Imagination, and the skills to use creativity to innovate his imaginations and turn into a real product or output. (Kind of a scientist you can say, but not necessarily in science). Yes today we do look and think of entrepreneurs as being really sharp and smart minded, really interesting to communicate with, or being really good in selling or marketing a product. Well that’s not really called an entrepreneurship. You can find those skills in your marketing or sales guy, rather he can be much better than you in buttering and getting clients. Your programmer would be one of the best one you can find around yourself. So does that effects being  a good or a bad entrepreneur? There would be so many more smarter, faster, and impressive scientists today, but what differentiates them from Einstein (Albert), Newton, Graham Bell is their mind, their creativity, their difference in perception, the way they observe and consider things, and thinking new. Not necessarily they would know that they are doing some innovation, but (mostly) anything they think or do turns out to be something very useful, or innovative after its developed or released.
And yes, one more thing that adds to an entrepreneur along with their skills to think something new is their ability to execute the “something” in a very proper, and new way, with their passion and dedication attached to it.
So if you really are an entrepreneur, you would feel that more than counting upon the number of skills you got.


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