It took me 18 hours for just one glance

Yes, this statue is of world famous Ganpati “Lalbaug cha Raja” (located in Lalbaug, Mumbai). Lakhs of people come everyday to have a glance of this murti (Statue). Why is it so famous? Well, not just for its giant size or a cool picture, but because mostly everyone in India believes in him, and to make a wish that they believe he will listen to their prayers and fulfill them soon. And that is why he is called “Wish fulfilling” which draws yards long queues everyday during the 11 day festival that is celebrated around the city (and country).

And so even I thought to give him a visit to see his elegance, which took me 18 complete hours in the queue (first time ever in my whole life I ever stood in this long queue). Can you believe? 18 hours in a queue? Yes that’s true. 18 hours sounds lesser for people who have waited for more than 24 hours for a glance and touch his feet. It was a great experience, with 4 friends, and I hope he fulfills mine wishes too 😉



2 thoughts on “It took me 18 hours for just one glance

    • Its amazing to revive those hours, but they were just amazing that’s what I can say, moving slowly in the queues that almost never ended, crossing around 16 blocks of which 1 block took us at average around1-1.5 hour.

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