It was yesterday, when things were not-so-difficult

This post is in regards to the startup companies and entrepreneurs with an idea, or a product.

Today getting done is not so difficult task.What’s more important is WHAT and HOW to get it done so that you don’t do it wrong.

In the earlier times, doing things was of more importance as there were very less, or almost nothing existing. So it was a necessity of making or building something quick, however it was, whatever features it had, they just knew one thing ‘Just Do It’. Making better things or with less errors, or with variety of great features, big and large, weren’t into pictures as things were developed for first times so it was important to first try if the basic works and only then to get your hands dirty completely into it making the product or company larger and feature-ful.

But today the scenario is completely different. Every product, every industry, there are thousands of competitors already sitting in the market before you, having more experience than you, and thus having more capital than you, making your chances very narrow to follow the same industry. So if you follow the old-times and try to just make something, than you should simply just forget it, unless what you have in mind does not exists in the world YET!. Don’t want to give up? Then you still got a chance. Create something that is far far far (note 3 times) more better and inventive than the older guys, because if you make something just 1X better, they still have that much capacity to overtake you or your product (they have got larger teams, money, market share, etc than you.) So better come up with something better, better planned, better strategies, better recovery strategies (in case your product doesn’t show up well with the consumers), and a better you.


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