The Secret Sauce To Keep Happy And Satisfied

We are greedy. All humans are greedy. And some animals might as well be. And thus we are never satisfied. We want everything, and everything good. We never wish anything wrong happening to us, or we wish something like that never happens.

I too have those bits. But I live more happy than others. Or maybe I feel that I do. I dont have a million dollars to shop, but still I keep happy, mostly. And the reason behind it is the following quote :

“The Good News Is That There Is No Bad News”.

I donno if this is an old proverb or I just built it. But it says a lot, I know.
If u understand this quote deep well, you would know what I mean 🙂

In short it says, dont always want for a good news (good things in life), you’re lucky already that you’re not filled with the bad news (or the bad parts of life)


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