Popelt – A lightweight jQuery Modal Popup plugin

Popelt – A lightweight jQuery Modal Popup plugin


Popelt v1.0


Popelt v1.0 – An ultimate jQuery Modal Popup plugin.

Just at about 5kb, it is extremely lightweight, fully featured, and beautifully crafted customizable plugin.

Demo and Download here: http://bit.ly/17VnTPx

Direct download from here: https://github.com/scazzy/Popelt/blob/master/minified/popelt-v1.0.min.js

Github: https://github.com/scazzy/Popelt

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Thats how you should Live – motivational quote

Think Big

Jump. Jump higher this time. You might break your leg. Or just wound. Jump again. Jump much higher this time.
Eventually, you’ll end up landing on your feet. Standing. Maybe in the hall of fame.
Think bigger than you think you can. Than you can do what you’re capable of.
Rules? Routines? They are for the common. You’re exceptional. Don’t bind. Fly with the imagination. You think it is possible? Then it is possible.

#ThatsHowILive #LiveImpossible