My thoughts

1. What you want, What you get
Its not that we don’t get what we like or love or want. It’s just that we get first what we don’t like, just so that we can learn to adjust with that, like it and appreciate it. It will make the thing that we want/love more valuable for us and we’ll value it more than we would.
Moral: There’s right time for everything. If. You feel you gettin stones now, it would just be to make you stronger. Dont run away.
+ everything happens for good.

2. Your God don’t exist
We’re completely wrong and blind to the concept of god that we know and/or are taught. Gods are not aliens dropping down that they can do magic and give u what we ask for. Gods, what we call today, were human beings living on planet earth, who did good deeds selflessly, and made themselves known forever. You can be one too, its easy, if you understand what ‘God’ means. You just have to be a ‘good’ man.

Moral: The god-blind people need to understand this fact straight. There ain’t no god to ful-fill your wish. Its you who will.


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