An era of Carl zeiss phones

There were those days when mobile was still new for us. When mobile was still an excitement for us, a new and growing technology, a better medium of communication, and a lot of things that it could do.
And there was the camera when it was introduced in a mobile phone, everyone went crazy about it. You know more had to carry your rucksack sized backpacks with the camera and battery and everything else to cover and care them, because cameras weren’t any cheap accessories back then, nor are they today. And so having them in a portable “mobile” mobile phone, was just crazy, and awesome.
With time, there were many a phones with cameras, and then it was more about the camera then the mobile phone. As I say –

A phone memory is actually useless if it can’t store good memories.

And then happened Carl Zeiss. Making good memories. (Ofcourse not as good as today but it was a big and royal deal back in those days). When we went shopping for a good mobile phone, we used to breathe the device in an out, ie. from specs to looks. And once we have a device or two selected, we see – IF IT HAD A CARL ZEISS.


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