Oh my childhood, could dream more than I do today

Ristair Corporation, Mau Creations, Ensigma Incorporation, Fonix Inc., and Deliti Education, and few more, were the ventures I wanted to build. Some in competition with Google’s search engine, some with an art and creativeness within, some with logic and business, some with Electronic components, and some with education-for-all in mind. So many dreams. One small kid.
But this is India. Your school teaches you no more than the age old textbooks; rather – chapters are skipped even from those textbooks based on time left for the exam. That’s the Indian education.
You learn no thing about real application of the education, what industry is, what world is, what people in US currently are working on, and what Indians are still doing. What we learnt? What everyone did in the past.
Science? Yeah, we did that too. We did a lot of theory. But we never made water, even if its as simple as H2O.
Sports? Eh? What’s that? We don’t study in an International school, so we probably have never heard that (just to point). Indoor yearly one small indoor basketball match (yeah, just stand below the basket and pour the ball).

In short, even with dreams, and goals, and talent, you really can’t make it up because you “actually” don’t know how do you utilize what you posses, and all you have is responsibilities of an Indian culture, family.

And I’m here today, as a normal employee (yet). But ofcourse, I’m not loosing hope. I’ll be back soon (Hopes), and with a bang.


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