Desktop app for Facebook Workplace for Mac and Windows


Facebook officially launched it’s Slack competitor in late 2016 targeting the corporate teams. It’s fairly new and frankly it has hardly any new features besides the regular facebook that helps your productivity like Slack or Microsoft Teams does.

But we thought to give FB Workplace a try and one fine day, we ditched Slack. Major reason for the decision was the competitive price point, and we knew the features part would be fulfilled by FB soon.

A minor problem besides the feature problems was that there was no app for facebook Workplace, which felt less productive by going to a browser and switching to the tab everytime there’s a message, or a need to message someone. So I thought to create a wrapper app for Mac OS which you can quick open like any other app, it nicely sits on your Dock, get notifications just like any other application, and very quick to reach at.



Facebook Workplace app docked in your Mac OS Dock


Note that it’s not an official app from Facebook. It’s simply a wrapper that helps to use it like a Slack app until Facebook comes with an official version.

Steps to use: Just unzip the file, and run the file. If you want to quickly access the app everyday from your spotlight / search, you can put the app in your /Applications folder


Download link: GitHub

Download size: 38.8mb

Make sure you allow apps download from places outside App store. You can follow a guide here.


Hope it helps.

If you do need a windows version, do comment below. I’ll make one and update the link here.


6 thoughts on “Desktop app for Facebook Workplace for Mac and Windows

  1. Hi!

    Are you able to make up a Windows version? My company has moved across to FaceBook Workplace and most of my team are on windows (I am on Mac). It would really help the communication in our team if there is a desktop version!

  2. Thanks for he desktop app, it works great. 2 issues I faced, I cannot download photo/file and I cannot open the files (Word/Excel), if we can do that, that’ll be great.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Yes, there are some bugs remaining which shows error while downloading or opening files/pages or making a call, anything that auto-opens a new window. Should be fixed soon.

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