Hospy.co - Hospitals near you

Launching Hospy.co – Finding hospitals around you

Hospy.co launched, 29th July 2014, 11:54am, Mumbai, India.

Launched hospy while on bed rest since past 5 days. Some injections, some medicines, some bland-patient food, but finally bit stress free. It is Eid today, a good festival for islamic community. Celebrating by self, on the bed, 3 claps, some cheers (with coconut water).

Thanks everyone (I donno who) for all the support. Hope to give good time to Hospy along with other projects I’m working on. or atleast find a passionate team member / Business developer.


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Start out simple

Start simple, Planes that fly are build on ground

Planes that fly are build on ground

To build something complex you first have to build something simple. If you want to build something complex it will never work.

Why didn’t I realize this 4 years back. I was trying to build something so complex, that would atleast require few million rupees to just build and get it running.
And then I had to scrape out everything mid-way, thrice.

What it’s good that I follow the “never-give-up” spirit, that I am back on the plan, now starting with something “Simple”.

A lesson learnt once, an experience forever.

How To Do Market Research For Entrepreneurs

In my experience, nothing beats talking directly with your clients and potential clients. There’s something about connecting with a real human being that reveals subtleties that technology based research doesn’t bring up. The tech touch research is more left brain (analytical and linear.) But the human touch research is more right brained (relational and holistic.)

Your goal with the human touch research is to understand, directly from your market, what they want.

Both human touch and technology based research are valuable when combined to help you create a winning business and product.


Ask the #1 Marketing Guru


The fastest way to riches in your chosen topic is to ask a top marketing guru what to do. He or she will reveal to you the secrets to access the pot of gold waiting for you. They will tell you how to market your product or service the most effective, successful way. All you need to do is ask the #1 Marketing Guru.

Who is it? It’s your target market!

THEY have all the answers for you. They will tell you what they want and how they want it. They will tell you what gets them worked up and ready to take action. They have the golden key that will unlock untold wealth for you. It’s all there for the asking.

Another common mistake I see entrepreneurs make is working too hard trying to figure out their business and marketing by themselves. You can spin in your head all you want, but the shortcut answers you’re striving for are literally a phone call away.


Two Ways to Do Human Touch Research


  1. Ask your market directly: The best way to find out what your market wants is to ask them directly (ideally in person.) When you hear their voice or see their expressions, you can gauge how passionate they are for your topic – how badly they want it. I recommend you set up a time either in person or over the phone to interview your market.
  2. Ask people who know your target market (centers of influence): Your target market will reveal a lot to you AND they may not want to really expose the full truth of what’s going on for them because they may not even know! Another approach to learn about your market is interviewing people who know your target market well. It may be a business colleague or associate – someone who will give you an objective, 3rd person point of view about your market. They know that market because they’ve worked with it for years or decades. They know first hand what’s going on in the minds and hearts of your people.

Marketing isn’t complicated when you listen to the obvious indicators from your target market. Resist the temptation to over analyze what they are saying. And watch out that your biases and preferences don’t get in the way. If you’re so in love with an idea and your market is telling you they’re not interested, take heed. Remember, your target market is your #1 marketing guru.

Copyright (c) 2009 James Roche – About the Author: Small business marketing coach, James Roche, shows you how to attract more clients, develop an internet marketing strategy and create your information products and programs. Discover his proven and practical marketing strategies with his free special report, “The Shift: Quit Struggling, Make a Difference and Join the New Rich”






A vision for everything – Strategic planning

When you are walking on the road, vision of your eyes is required, else you may fall down.

When you are walking on the path of life, vision for life is required, else,… you may fall down.

A Vision for everything

Be it a road, your life, or your business, a vision is always required to move on, “SUCCESSFULLY”.
A vision is an aim, a goal, or a view how you want your future should look like. Like when you are walking or driving on a road, your eyes sees  if anybody is coming on the way from a distance. If  you are not careful or do not keep a eye on the road you’re walking… you may be knocked down.

Similarly, your business or your life is like that same walk of the road. Before moving on (recommended) or atleast at the beginning of it you should have your visions clear about what you actually want to do and where you have to reach.
A Vision plays an important role in shaping and organizing the future of the business (life). A vision is nothing but a small summary of your future plan. And it’s obviously great if you write down your vision in words, for it helps to make more crisp and clear plans and helps other people in your team to understand your goal and objectives. Without a vision? ofcourse you gonna fall down soon, unless you are so lucky (like #siddharth mallaya) to regret having fallen down. And ofcourse you are not one.  And if you’re still confused about your goals, take a 30-minute break, sit down at a corner or at a balcony where it’s silent enough that you can concentrate on yourself, talk to your mind, feel your soul what it wants, and write down in a notepad.

Mind of an Entrepreneur

The mind of an entrepreneur

Many a times when someone asks me, or myself think about what I want to become or go for in life, I used to say I want to manage things. Manage business, team, and more. I wanted to go into management, because I knew how to solve problems, get solutions, getting things done in a simpler way.
But when I look today and think what I have to become? I say, an entrepreneur. But what exactly is an entrepreneur? Is it the same as management? managing a business or something? Well not exactly. The main skills of an entrepreneur is creativity. Innovation. Imagination, and the skills to use creativity to innovate his imaginations and turn into a real product or output. (Kind of a scientist you can say, but not necessarily in science). Yes today we do look and think of entrepreneurs as being really sharp and smart minded, really interesting to communicate with, or being really good in selling or marketing a product. Well that’s not really called an entrepreneurship. You can find those skills in your marketing or sales guy, rather he can be much better than you in buttering and getting clients. Your programmer would be one of the best one you can find around yourself. So does that effects being  a good or a bad entrepreneur? There would be so many more smarter, faster, and impressive scientists today, but what differentiates them from Einstein (Albert), Newton, Graham Bell is their mind, their creativity, their difference in perception, the way they observe and consider things, and thinking new. Not necessarily they would know that they are doing some innovation, but (mostly) anything they think or do turns out to be something very useful, or innovative after its developed or released.
And yes, one more thing that adds to an entrepreneur along with their skills to think something new is their ability to execute the “something” in a very proper, and new way, with their passion and dedication attached to it.
So if you really are an entrepreneur, you would feel that more than counting upon the number of skills you got.