Progressing in India

In india, a small person progressing is like walking wearing slippers. When he tries to walk ahead the people behind will step on the back of his slippers making him uncomfortable to walk. Ultimately either he’ll either fall down or loose hope.


Introducing, Dragon V2

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

The new SpaceX Dragon V2 seems to be an amazing machine, capable of transporting seven astronauts to orbit and then soft-land anywhere on Earth using thrusters and retractile legs—with the accuracy of an helicopter. Elon Musk claims that they will be able to refuel it and launch it again right away.


11:35PM ET. That’s all for tonight, folks. I’m excited to see this technology in action. Hopefully we will have more technical details soon. Good night!

11:34PM ET. Here’s the entire presentation. Jump to the 4:12 mark to watch the animation:

11:14PM ET. I’m uploading the animation now, but here are some images that show how the ship works.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

Legs deployed, the Dragon V2 approaches its landing site. Elon stressed that this spaceship can land on any runway on Earth. I can’t wait to see it in action.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

SuperDraco thrusters slowing the descent.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

Dragon V2 during reentry, using their third-generation heat shield.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

Inside, four astronauts on the front, three on the back.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

The ISS with the two type of Dragons docked.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

Dragon V2 docking with the ISS, with its nose cone open. Judging from the rendering, SpaceX will keep operating the original Dragon to ferry material to and from the ISS.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

The astronauts in front of the four-screen glass cockpit, in a configuration similar to what you can see in modern airplane cockpits. There’s a central physical control panel.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

The solar panels that power the electrical systems are on the skin of the trunk, which is a surprising configuration. The panels on the first Dragon were deployed separately. The trunk seems to be empty in the animation—I wonder if it could be used to carry depressurized cargo like the original Dragon. Notice how the nose cone opens on approach to the ISS for docking.

10:59PM ET. A few notes:

  • The interior is not completed yet. You are looking at the bare structure. There will be padding everywhere and other things too, I’m sure (although the animation doesn’t show too much detail.
  • Elon insisted that Dragon V2 will be able to be refueled and launched again without delay. I would be amazed if they can pull that (I’ve no reason to doubt it, given their track record, but it will be hard.)
  • Apparently the third generation heat shield would be able to endure multiple re-entries. That wasn’t completely clear in the presentation.
  • No word on first test date yet. Looking at the state of the interior, I think we are still far away from first launch, but I may be mistaken. The controls and the avionics seem to be there, but many other things seem to be pending.
  • Elon also showed their new titanium fuel tanks for the Draco and SuperDraco thrusters. Here’s an image of the new tank next to a Draco thruster.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

10:50PM ET. Check out the retractile legs of the spaceship. Small and sturdy. Again, pure simplicity. Telescopic too! It really feels futuristic.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

10:47PM ET. Here’s a photo of Elon opening the Dragon V2’s hatch. The entire thing looks so polished! I saw the space shuttle up close again on Tuesday and, looking at Dragon V2, it feels like it should have never existed (as much as I love it.)

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

10:37PM ET. Well. that was fast. The event is over.

10:35PM ET. The interior is cool too. Really spartan and simple. Look at all that big glass! I love how big and streamlined it is.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

Elon getting inside.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

Look at that hatch. The design looks so sleek—like a Tesla car.

10:33PM ET. Dragon V2 will be able to be fully reloaded and launched again right after landing, he claims.

10:31PM ET. Elon is explaining that Dragon V2 will retain the parachutes in case of emergency, but he says it will be able to land with its SuperDraco thrusters even if three engines fail.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

10:28PM ET. Wow, this thing is really cool and slick.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

10:25PM ET. Elon is on stage.

He says that when they designed Dragon 1 they still didn’t have a lot of ideas about what they could do. He claims that now they know: Dragon V2 will be able to carry seven people and soft-land with thrusters anywhere in the planet with helicopter accuracy!

10:11PM ET. Dragon V2 is so cool that it has transported the entire event into the future using exotic matter distilled from Elon Musk’s gonads. Hopefully we will get to the future soon and watch the webcast.

10:02PM ET. It’s time. Not Elon Musk yet.

9:58PM ET. We’re just two minutes away.


The new SpaceX Dragon V2

This is a detail of the seat. On the top, part of a control panel and two cockpit glass, the screens where the onboard computers display flight information.

Elon Musk will officially present the new capsule starting at 7PM Pacific Time.

3:00PM ET. Here’s the last test for the SuperDraco thruster, which just completed qualification testing. This engine “will power the Dragon spacecraft’s launch escape system and enable the vehicle to land propulsively on Earth or another planet with pinpoint accuracy.”

The SuperDraco is an advanced version of the Draco engines currently used by SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft to maneuver in orbit and during re-entry. SuperDracos will be used on the crew version of the Dragon spacecraft as part of the vehicle’s launch escape system; they will also enable propulsive landing on land. Each SuperDraco produces 16,000 pounds of thrust and can be restarted multiple times if necessary. In addition, the engines have the ability to deep throttle, providing astronauts with precise control and enormous power.

3:05PM ET. This is the updated Dragon logo used in their invitation to the presentation event.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

3:10PM ET. This is how the current Dragon—which is used to ferry materials to and back from the International Space Station—looks now.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

Nobody knows if the external design would change, but the interior design will change for sure to accommodate up to seven astronauts—as many as the space shuttle. Here’s an image of NASA astronauts demonstrating how they would fit inside.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

3:15PM ET. This is not Dragon V2, but it may be Dragon V3. Lots of good speculation about the far future of SpaceX here.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

3:16PM ET. There’s speculation that the next generations of Dragon may look radically different from the current one, as hinted by Elon Musk himself. Keep in mind that future versions of the manned Dragon capsule are supposed to soft land like a sci-fi spaceship, using the SuperDraco thrusters to guide the capsule and extending its legs to lag on solid land.

3:26PM ET. You can see how soft landing works looking at their Grasshopper prototype and the Falcon 9R. Here is F9R’s latest flight test, which reached one kilometer into the atmosphere to come back down and land.

And this is Grasshopper:

3:28PM ET. By the way, anyone knows what the code around the invitation means. Is it some kind of morse code? Any commenter knows morse or can figure out its meaning?

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

3:33PM ET. This conceptual video by SpaceX shows their vision of reusable everything, from rocket stages that come to soft land on Earth to the Dragon capsules.

4:00PM ET. SpaceX has just published a new view of the capsule. This time it’s part of the cockpit glass and a control panel.

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

5:04PM ET. This really looks very slick. The panel seems to offer mission time, a timer, alarms panel, power overrides and resets, chutes release, trunk release and emergency. On the sides there’s some cockpit glass panels. On the left there’s part of the avionics soft displays. On the right you can see some of the controls, including what it seems like a camera view showing the exterior view.

5:08PM ET. Less than five hours now for the unveil at 10PM ET/8PM PT.

5:11PM ET. One explanation for the circles around the dragon:

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

That’s the STORRM retro-reflector “installed on ISS during the STS-131 mission in May 2010:

STORRM (Sensor Test for Orion RelNav Risk Mitigation) represents a new sensor technology that will make it easier and safer for future (commercial) servicing spacecraft to rendezvous and dock to the ISS (International Space Station). The DTO (Development Test Objective) of this next generation navigation system is to advance the capability necessary for automated rendezvous and docking (determine shapes, intensity, and distance); the goal is to provide data from as far away as 5 km – three times the range of the current Shuttle navigation sensor.

Maybe there’s some relation and the circles and lines around the Dragon logo are an indicator of the docking abilities of the new Dragon V2 capsule.

5:21PM ET. Knowing Elon Musk, it seems that the presentation today will be pretty big, maybe as big as the Tesla Model X reveal?

I hope the Dragon V2 presentation includes…Goldfrapp as its soundtrack too.

5:34PM ET. More on that logo, from a NASA Space Flight forum member:

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

Anyone has any clue?

5:40PM ET. Another NASA Space Flight forum member got a simpler explanation: It may be an stylized Dragon V2 capsule from the front. Here it is a comparison with the Dragon V1 to give you an idea:

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

5:44PM ET. And here’s another clever thing: If you do do a shadows & highlights in Photoshop you can see the seats reflection on the glass:

The new SpaceX Dragon V2

7:08PM ET. So much for the mysterious logo: A NASA Space Flight forum member found out that it’s just a Shutterstock vector image. Boo.

The International Space Station – LIVE 24/7!

ISS - International Space Station LIVE

ISS – International Space Station LIVE

The International Space Station (ISS) is a habitable satellite that was launched on October 31 2000 and has had continued human occupation ever since, the longest on record. It’s an observatory and research laboratory in low Earth orbit with crew conducting experiments in Biology, Physics and Astronomy, amongst other things. The station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes, and in 2010 it had racked up almost 60,000 orbits, accruing a whopping 1.5 billion miles. To give you an idea of its size, in total it’s about the area of a U.S. football field, and weighs over 400,000 kilograms. You can see the ISS without a telescope; the best time is the few hours after sunset or before sunrise.

If you want to take a look at what it’s doing and have a sneaky peek at the crew whilst they’re on duty, check out the live ISS stream here!

If the stream displays a black/blue screen, there has been a temporary loss of signal. Check back later.

Start out simple

Start simple, Planes that fly are build on ground

Planes that fly are build on ground

To build something complex you first have to build something simple. If you want to build something complex it will never work.

Why didn’t I realize this 4 years back. I was trying to build something so complex, that would atleast require few million rupees to just build and get it running.
And then I had to scrape out everything mid-way, thrice.

What it’s good that I follow the “never-give-up” spirit, that I am back on the plan, now starting with something “Simple”.

A lesson learnt once, an experience forever.

Its a day of excitement, and a back-pat

Elton Jain birthday - Vondro launch

Its my birthday today, and I launched Vondro eve 18:25hrs. Rigorous day of hard work, nervousness, and excitement. Working continuous since yesterday, sipped 8 table-full spoons of coffee to get the adrenaline and energy and to keep my eyes away from closing. Fixing last moment bugs and creating a whole new workaround for a  loophole I found day before yesterday. Took a short nap from 6.30am to 9.30am. And was back to work. No game no play, just nervousness in mind to finish all in due time before launch.
And its done. Its live.
Yeah there are lot of things remaining but those will be taken care later as they don’t interfere user experience yet at this stage.
Hoping it to get traction soon as we start inviting institutions to the platform.

Phew… A scribble post… After a long time though…

What are some things Indians should learn from the rest of the world?

Well, the list is big enough. We know it. But here are some basic ones we should be improving at first.

Civic Sense. We need a LOT of it! We have a LOT of problems in this area.

Public urination. What. Is. Wrong. With. People??!?! Admittedly, public restrooms are few and far apart, and are often the stuff of nightmares, but still. People of all ages and economic backgrounds treat public land as a giant urinal. Disgusting!

Spitting. So many people spit. From their cars, from rickshaws, from buses. There are spit stains on walls, on the sides of buildings, sidewalks. It’s disgusting. I can’t even imagine what must go through the minds of tourists who visit our country.

Garbage. Here’s a picture taken in my hometown of Bangalore. Trash, so much of it, just lying there by the side of a road. People walk by it everyday. They turn their nose up at it, curse the dirtiness of the place, and then they forget. Sometimes, people will even treat piles of trash on the road as a de facto dumping ground. That banana they just finished eating? No trash cans in sight? “Oh well, there’s that big pile of garbage right there. Might as well add to it”.

This problem is so ubiquitous…

Our rivers

Our beaches

This is so mind-numbing to watch and experience on a daily basis, that I think the average Indian has just chosen to ignore it and live in blissful ignorance. Worse, these things have come to represent “typical India” and have become subjects of humor and satire. It’s not funny, people.


Dignity In Ones Work
There is nothing called as a ‘small job’. Regardless of being a waiter or a cleaner or a construction worker or a rickshaw driver, we must learn to take pride in what we do.

We need to learn a lesson or two in punctuality. Reaching a place 30 minutes late than promised is not a good sign of respect. It goes to show that you do not respect the other persons time.

Show Gratitude
It’s amazing how westerners greet and smile at complete strangers in their day to day life. Also they use ‘thank you’ in almost all situations. We should learn that from them.

Treat People As Equals
As an example let me talk about how we treat our boss. We always put the boss on a pedestal and think of him above us whereas if you consider the west, bosses are treated as equals. I’m glad things are changing now though.

Attitude Towards Women
Stop judging or abusing a woman if she chooses a certain lifestyle for herself. It is completely her choice what she does in her life; personally or professionally. If a man can consume alcohol, smoke cigarettes or have pre-marital sex; so can she!

Learning To Say ‘No’
We Indians find it extremely difficult to use the word ‘No’. Maybe its because of our upbringing that we find it difficult to hurt someone but at what expense? Its better to say a NO instead of doing something that you don’t want to in the first place. Also people tend to misuse this for their personal gain.

Problem Solving Methods
As Indians, we generally do not like to confront our problems. We search for an easier way or just plainly ignore them. You know sweep them under the rug types until there is no room under the rug to hide any more dirt and that is bad.

Respecting The Law
We are so oblivious to the various wrongs that we do every day that it has reached to a point that we don’t even realize it. Spitting at public places, disobeying the traffic rules, and honking in silent zones are just some of the weaker examples of this.

Show Courtesy
Courtesy costs nothing but buys everything.

Respect For The Country
Defacing historical landmarks, spitting at public places, vandalizing public or government property is not a nice way of showing respect for your country now, is it?

What do you think?