Start out simple

Start simple, Planes that fly are build on ground

Planes that fly are build on ground

To build something complex you first have to build something simple. If you want to build something complex it will never work.

Why didn’t I realize this 4 years back. I was trying to build something so complex, that would atleast require few million rupees to just build and get it running.
And then I had to scrape out everything mid-way, thrice.

What it’s good that I follow the “never-give-up” spirit, that I am back on the plan, now starting with something “Simple”.

A lesson learnt once, an experience forever.


Your parents are not God

I was finding my charger yesterday and in that small while I saw a small shot of a daily soap that made me write this post.

A kid was saying to his dad that ‘Sometimes we feel humiliated in front of friends because of mom’. Though the dad did tell him some things, but here’s what I would say.

“Don’t forget, we live because of our parents. And that we have friends because of our parents. They are not god, they are just more than that.”

No dragging with a long story. Because this is something that is to be understood, not to be read.

Keep loving your parents. They always loved you.

A vision for everything – Strategic planning

When you are walking on the road, vision of your eyes is required, else you may fall down.

When you are walking on the path of life, vision for life is required, else,… you may fall down.

A Vision for everything

Be it a road, your life, or your business, a vision is always required to move on, “SUCCESSFULLY”.
A vision is an aim, a goal, or a view how you want your future should look like. Like when you are walking or driving on a road, your eyes sees  if anybody is coming on the way from a distance. If  you are not careful or do not keep a eye on the road you’re walking… you may be knocked down.

Similarly, your business or your life is like that same walk of the road. Before moving on (recommended) or atleast at the beginning of it you should have your visions clear about what you actually want to do and where you have to reach.
A Vision plays an important role in shaping and organizing the future of the business (life). A vision is nothing but a small summary of your future plan. And it’s obviously great if you write down your vision in words, for it helps to make more crisp and clear plans and helps other people in your team to understand your goal and objectives. Without a vision? ofcourse you gonna fall down soon, unless you are so lucky (like #siddharth mallaya) to regret having fallen down. And ofcourse you are not one.  And if you’re still confused about your goals, take a 30-minute break, sit down at a corner or at a balcony where it’s silent enough that you can concentrate on yourself, talk to your mind, feel your soul what it wants, and write down in a notepad.