Samar’s bye-bye moment (spicified)

No. He’s not no more. He’s just leaving us, and we’re departing him at the station… that night. We celebrated his farewell. 27 Sept, 2012.

He was at bombayworks since past 4.5.some years (such a long time), and one of the first employees… to stay as long as 4.5 years, working hard and flash. (yes, he was a flash developer, and he probably won’t forget it).

He just stepped out to step in into Stepout. (Literally, a lot of steps it is.)

And I can imagine how the swedish team’s gonna miss their first recruit at The Leela Palace. Ofcourse he was a good developer. But this ain’t the time to type in all that. It’s time to say him good bye. Share some moves with him. And yeah, some surprise kiss that my colleague @francis got to feel at the ‘bye bye’ moment.ย Read the whole story in pictures below.

(Disclaimer: This may be spicified. Made in Curry cms =D )

samar panda

He was as hard working as this

Samar Panda , Sandeep Jain

He even challenged that nobody else could do as flash as him

Jose D'silva, Rahul mendonca

We then accepted the challenge. We were now thinking of a plan.

Francis Xavera Rodrigues

We gave him 2 months. And a flash project called ‘Rodrej’.
He accepted it. He started working on it

Samar Panda

He worked so hard. And he did the most. Late nights. No HackNights. He didn’t give up. But eventually he was stuck as this. His ‘Boot’ ‘Strapped’. And he gave up ๐Ÿ˜ฆ He decided to stepout.

Elton Jain, Jose D'silva

We won. We were like ‘Oh yeah!’. And with this, we were also happy that we will now be ย getting his window seat ๐Ÿ˜€

Jose D'silva, Samar Panda, Elton Jain, Sandeep Jain, Jagruti Parmar, Neil Malgaonkar, Amit Khatri, helene hjelmvik, Francis Xavera Rodrigues, Vinit Malhotra, Jatin joshi, Rahul mendonca

But we were kind. Him stepping out, we decided to throw him in a party. But you know, we are good people ๐Ÿ˜‰ Then we changed our minds. We threw a party for him. And yes, it was a surprise. He knew it since first. And so did everybody else. All thanks to our colleague, Asia ;-D

Vinit Malhotra, Jatin joshi, rahul mendonca, samar panda, jose d'silva

And the guy in white shirt (our tax advisor) was still in a belief that only he knows about the surprise (wow, so happy. he couldn’t resist that he had to blush with hands over face)

vinit malhotra, neil malgaonkar, Francis Xavera Rodrigues, Samar Panda, Jatin joshi

We had great fun, everybody was on the floor. With music ON, he, @samarpanda, thought this must be the best opportunity to say it to our colleague @francis. The conversation goes like this:
@samar: francis, you know the day since you’ve joined us, I have been feeling something.
@francis: w..w…what??…
@samar: I… I… wannn..ted.. to ask if you knew backbone.js… ?
@francis: (blushingly) No.. (oh, these developers, why can’t they get straight to the point)…
@samar: …..
(he wasn’t able to speak it up… )
and he just did it… (did what?) look at the picture man…
and everybody was in their own ‘”awwws…”…
hey hey guys.. don’t get him wrong. He just said him in ears that “Ok, no problem. ย Now that I’m learning it, I will teach you as well, on skype”. yes that’s it. nothing else ever happened ๐Ÿ˜€

rahul mendonca, jatin joshi, Francis Xavera Rodrigues, samar panda, jose d'silva, elton jain, helene hjelmvik , sandeep jain, vinit malhotra, neil malgaonkar, amit khatri

The day was over. and we were all happy and gay, with fun we had. all together.

Elton Jain, on a rope walk

And they lived happily every after….
And hung me over these ropes for writing this story ๐Ÿ˜› ..
Badhir saale ๐Ÿ˜›